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Vente terrain

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Vente terrain

le Mer 11 Déc 2013 20:04

I dont know french language, but need some advices from people who use it in ordinary life.

Bibipedia.org is our site on french language which was created 1 year ago. But we dont know french language, thats why we do nothing to grow up its popularity and number of visitors. In spite of this last 9 months it has more than 300 average quantity of visitors per a day (average time: 1.26, average pages: 2.67), and monthly earnings about 120$ from Adsence. It has about 35 000 pages in Google .

Please give to us your opinion if you are really know answers on this questions: 1) what is the price for bibipedia.org 2) which sites can help us to sell it (preferably with guarantors: buyer send money to guarantor and we install site to buyer's hosting and restructure domain name than guarantor send money to us)


le Jeu 12 Déc 2013 04:06     Re : Vente terrain      

hi, WMR also have an english forum :arrow: http://forums.webmaster-rank.info/
you could have advices there.
for a website with Adsense, i think you could expect from 12 month to 2 years revenue (if income are stable).
Il y a un forum EN


le Jeu 12 Déc 2013 12:50     Re : Vente terrain      

Thank you, but site on french.... where I can try to sell it?


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